Welcome to ​Akamai​ Edge DNS service. Edge DNS integrates easily with your existing DNS infrastructure to provide a secure, high performance, highly available and scalable solution for DNS hosting. As part of this service, Akamai runs name servers in multiple networks and in many geographic locations that are capable of resolving queries for your zones. ​Akamai​ IP Anycast technology is also capable of providing an unprecedented level of reliability and performance for name resolution.

The Edge DNS service supports three types of zones:

  • Primary. ​Akamai​ serves the DNS records of your zones without the need for you to maintain master DNS servers.
  • Secondary. ​Akamai​ serves the DNS records of your zones obtained by performing secured zone transfers from your master name server.
  • Alias. ​Akamai​ automatically mirrors the configuration of another Edge DNS zone, serving the same DNS records on both the alias zone and the target zone. For example, if you have registered a misspelled domain such as examlpe.com and you want it to have the same DNS records as example.com.

Unlike the previous version of the API, this version allows you to manage the configuration of all of your Edge DNS zones as well as the record sets of your Primary zones.