Pragma headers

This is the list of ​Akamai​ Pragma headers you can use when creating a request in the Request Content (CURL) tool and Advanced URL Health Check problem scenario.

Pragma request header passedPragma response header obtainedDescription
akamai-x-cache-onX-CacheReturns information about how the edge server response was served.
akamai-x-cache-remote-onX-Cache-RemoteReturns information about how the parent server response was served.
akamai-x-check-cacheableX-Check-CacheableReturns a flag to indicate whether the response is cacheable, either YES and NO.
akamai-x-get-true-cache-keyX-True-Cache-KeyReturns the true cache key used for the MD5 hashing. It doesn't include the scheme (HTTP/HTTPS) or the request method (GET, POST etc.).
akamai-x-get-cache-keyX-Cache-KeyReturns the cache key used for the request, including the serial number, CP code, and the TTL for the response.
akamai-x-serial-noX-SerialReturns the serial number used for the request. This is also returned in the X-Cache-Key response header.
akamai-x-get-request-idX-Akamai-Request-IDReturns the ID of the request, used to identify the request in the logs. If cache-h (Tiered Distribution or SiteShield) is being used, the ID will be of the format {parent-id}.{child-id}.