Data Center Diagnostics

The Data Center Diagnostics tool shows the top five autonomous systems (AS) and top five countries mapped to each data center at a point in time, as a percentage of total estimated traffic mapped to the given data center.

For example, you might want to collect statistics that identifies who is using your site from midnight to 2:00 AM EST. Data Center Diagnostics reports the top traffic sources for each data center for the whole time interval.

Submit a request

Learn how to submit a request in the Data Center Diagnostics tool.

  1. Go to > SUPPORT > Edge Diagnostics.
  2. In the side menu, select > Data Center Diagnostics.
  3. Select target Domain from the list of domains associated with this ​Control Center​ account.
  4. In Start Date and End Date, select dates within which to look for data center information.
  5. Click Run report.