The API uses links to standard hypermedia objects to help you locate related resources relevant within a set of JSON data. For example, the JSON below shows the sort of response you get when uploading a file attachment. Its links array may accommodate various related resources, but in this case presents the upload status and the case ticket under which the file is tracked. The rel represents the link relation, in this case it's attachment_upload_status and case respectively. The href provides a navigable path to the resource once you prefix it with your hostname token.

  "uploadId": "F-AUS-000000",
  "fileName": "sample.csv",
  "uploadStatus": "UPLOADING",
  "uploadStatusMessage": "Attachment is being uploaded to case. Please use the attachment_upload_status link to check the status.",
  "links": [
      "rel": "attachment_upload_status",
      "href": "/case-management/v3/cases/F-CS-000000/attachments/status/F-AUS-000000"
      "rel": "case",
      "href": "/case-management/v3/cases/F-CS-000000"