Set evaluation mode

Evaluation mode runs concurrently with your existing Web Application Firewall Rule settings and records how the rules would respond if they were applied to live traffic. The default action for evaluation rules is alert. Unlike other POST or PUT actions, this request object supports values other than enabled or disabled. Use START to begin evaluation mode. An evaluation period lasts four weeks unless you stop the evaluation. Once you begin, the rules you evaluate will respond to traffic as if they are your current rules. However, instead of taking an action the evaluation rules will log which action they would have taken if they were your active rules and not a test of future rules. Use STOP to end the evaluation before it completes on its own, and not upgrade your rules. Use RESTART to start an evaluation you previously stopped, or one that has expired. Use COMPLETE to stop your in-progress evaluation and automatically upgrade your existing KRS rules to the rule set you just evaluated. Use UPDATE to upgrade to the newest available version of evaluation rules. A request value of START, RESTART, or COMPLETE returns an eval value of enabled. A request value of STOP or UPDATE returns an eval value of disabled. Products: Kona Site Defender, App & API Protector with the Advanced Security module. If you're using Adaptive Security Engine, pass eval as usual, and add "mode": "ASE_AUTO" or ASE_MANUAL in your request. If you're using Kona Rule Sets, continue to pass only the eval value.

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