Add a new hostname to a configuration

This workflow shows you how to make changes to a configuration version including adding new hostnames, and then activating the changes you've made.

  1. Run List configurations and select a configId.

  2. Run List configuration versions and select a versionNumber.

  3. Run Get configuration version details.

  4. You cannot edit the configuration version if it's ACTIVE on staging or production servers. To create a new version, run Clone a configuration version.

  5. Run List selectable hostnames.

  6. List selected hostnames.

  7. Add hostnames to the response object.

  8. Make a PUT request to /appsec/v1/configs/{configId}/versions/{versionNumber}/selected-hostnames.

  9. Run List security policies and select a policyId.

  10. Run Create a match target and select the new match target's targetId from the response.

  11. Run Get a match target.

  12. Modify the MatchTarget object.

  13. Make a PUT request to /appsec/v1/configs/{configId}/versions/{versionNumber}/match-targets/{targetId}.

  14. Run List match targets.

  15. Craft a MatchTargetOrder object using the targetIds.

  16. Make a PUT request to /appsec/v1/configs/{configId}/versions/{versionNumber}/match-targets/sequence.

  17. Create an Activation object.

  18. Make a POST request to /appsec/v1/activations to activate the configuration version.

  19. Run Get activation status to check the activation status.