Deny name values

These parameters help refine the custom deny action. You'll create a custom deny response to use instead of Akamai's default 403 response.

Parameter nameParameter value typeDescription
custom_deny_hostnameHostnameFailover hostname for the failover site.
custom_deny_pathURL pathLocates your custom response page currently serving on the Akamai platform.
include_reference_idStringA unique ID Akamai assigns to every request for tracking purposes.
include_true_ipBooleanThe original connecting client IP address, not one from a X-Forwarded-For header.
prevent_browser_cacheBooleanChoose this option to ensure nothing from the requesting browser is cached.
response_body_contentStringThe body of your application/json or application/xml response.
response_content_typeMIME typeWhether your response body is application/json or application/xml.
response_header_nameStringThe name of the custom response header you want to use to override Akamai's standard response header.
response_header_valueStringThe custom response header. For example, server: Apache.
response_status_codeStringThe numerical response of the status code for your custom deny. The default response status code is 403. You can enter any numerical value between 100 and 999.