CustomRule condition type values

You can specify any of these values as a CustomRule condition type:

type value...Matches on...
argsPostMatchPOST request body parameters
argsPostNamesMatchPOST request body parameter names
argsPostJSONMatchPOST request body parameters in JSON format
argsPostJSONNamesMatchNames for POST request body parameters in JSON format
argsPostXMLMatchPOST request body parameters in XML format
clientCertPresentMatchPresence of a client certificate
clientCertValidMatchValidity of a client certificate
clientListMatchA list of clients
clientTlsFingerprintMatchA client's TLS fingerprint
filenameMatchFile names
headerOrderMatchA specific order of headers
hostMatchHost templates
ipMatchIP addresses
requestHeaderMatchRequest headers
requestMethodMatchRequest methods
requestProtocolVersionMatchRequest protocol versions
uriQueryMatchQuery parameters