Legacy Multi-dimension view

The Multi-dimension view displays four widgets with different dimensions simultaneously. It also shows a graphical time line presentation of requests (per second, averaged over a period of time) that triggered an attack that corresponds to the selected dimension.

The more options menu to the right of the chart lets you use the options available in the Statistics view. In addition, you may adjust the Number of Rows displayed in each dimension widget.

The default dimensions that appear when you first open the view are:

  • Attack Type

  • Action Applied

  • Connecting IP Addresses

  • Hostname

You can select any dimension you want from each widget's drop-down menu.

To track an ongoing event, you can switch to Live mode.

By default, the chart shows the data for the dimension selected in the top-left widget. You may click Chart icon in the top-right corner of each widget to change the dimension whose requests appear on the chart.