Live mode

Use live mode to monitor an ongoing event or mitigation deployed to production. In live mode, the data refreshes automatically.

Turn on live mode


Live mode is available in the Statistics and Multi-dimension views.

  1. Open Web Security Analytics.

  2. Set dimensions and filters to display the data you need.

  3. In the upper right corner of the screen, click the Live mode button and select a time range: 15 minutes live, 30 minutes live, 1 hour live, 2 hours live.

The data refreshes every 5 minutes.

Live mode is set to deactivate after 2 hours if you're using Web Security Analytics.
If you're inactive or the tab is not in focus, it deactivates after 30 minutes.
To turn off the mode earlier, click the Live mode button again, select a new time range or switch to the Samples view.