Navigate Legacy Web Security Analytics

Set the dimensions, filters, and dates to get the data you need. View the activity logged by your security products and review the alarm notifications.

Set report scope

  1. Go to > WEB & DATA CENTER SECURITY > Security Center.

  2. In the left menu, click Analysis > Web Security Analytics.

  3. In the Security Center menu bar, modify the general settings for the view.

    • Switch to view another security configuration. Click the name of the current security configuration, and select a different configuration from the menu.

    • Set a time period within the last 30 days. Click the date field and select the duration or dates you want to see.


The time zone is taken from your ​Control Center​ profile.

  1. Set the parameters to get specific data.

    • To display data for a dimension, in the Dimensions menu on the left click a name of a dimension group to expand it and click the selected item.

    • To apply filters, click the filter button in the field above the graph
      Select dimensions and specify conditions.
      Click Apply.
      To clear filters, hover over the filter field and click Clear All.