Legacy Statistics view

The Statistics view displays the number of requests for a selected dimension and provides additional information on these requests.

Hovering your mouse over the chart displays the average number of requests per second at a specific point in time.

The more options menu to the right of the chart lets you:

  • Export data from any dimension currently presented on the chart by selecting Export and choosing one of these two options:

    • Download Timeline Data. A CSV download of aggregated time series data for the selected dimension based on the selected time range.

    • Download Statistical Data. A CSV download of up to the 1000 top values for the selected dimension.

  • Control how the requests appear on the chart by switching between Change to line chart and Change to column chart.

A table below a chart provides the total number of unique values of the selected dimension, and displays the top 250 of them. When you hover over a column header, a menu icon appears. Use this column menu to include and exclude columns. Right-click a table cell or a range of cells to open a menu that lets you:

  • Copy the contents (with or without column headers).

  • Export the contents to a CSV or XML file.

To track an ongoing event, you can switch to Live mode.

Sharing and bookmarking views

You can set a statistics view by selecting filters and a relative time period and then share it with other authorized users. Use saved views to avoid building them from scratch every time. To use this feature:

  1. At the top right corner of the Statistics view, click the Share with others button .

  2. In the Share with others dialog, select the parameters you would like to include in the URL you're creating.

  3. Click either the email button to begin composing an email or the Copy Link button to copy the URL to your clipboard.

You can now share the URL with other authorized users.