Use Property Manager to edit rules

To use this method, you need to have access to Property Manager in the ​Akamai Control Center​.

Follow these steps to use the Property Manager UI to quickly create the correct JSON syntax for rule modifications.

  1. Open Property Manager in ​Akamai Control Center​.
  2. Navigate to the property that matches the one in your sandbox.
  3. Define the match criteria and behavior you want to test in your sandbox.
    Property Manager rules
  4. Click View JSON to see the correct JSON syntax.
    View JSON rules
  5. Click Download Rule Tree JSON.
    Download rule tree
  6. Save the modified rule tree in a file called new_rules.json.
  7. Use the CLI to update a sandbox with the CLI the rule tree in your development environment.
    akamai sandbox update --rules ~/Downloads/new_rules.json {sandbox_id}


Alternatively, you can use the API to Modify sandbox rules.

Once you are satisfied with the results in your sandbox, you can use Property Manager to apply the rule changes to your property configuration.