Test site changes

Now that your sandbox is up and running, you can use it to test changes to your site delivery options. In this example, you'll modify the request hostname for your sandbox. To complete this step, you must have the sandboxID for an existing sandbox.

  1. GET your sandbox.

    GET /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/{sandboxId}
  2. Modify the requestHostnamein the JSON body.

  3. Make a PUT request to update your sandbox.

    PUT /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/{sandboxId}/properties/{sandboxPropertyId}
  4. Assuming the sandbox you modified is the default sandbox, start your sandbox using one of the following options:

  5. Confirm that the behavior changes were applied as expected.

    curl http://localhost:{connector_port} -H"Host: {requestHostnameForSandbox}"

    For example:

    curl http://localhost:9090 -H"Host: www.example.com"