Start your sandbox with the CLI

To start using the sandbox you created and configured (with or without the EdgeWorkers functions), follow the procedure below.

  1. Run this command to connect securely to the sandbox you just created:

    akamai sandbox start

    The following message confirms that you are connected to the sandbox:

    INFO c.a.devpops.connector.ConnectorMain - Successfully launched Akamai Sandbox Client

    You may also add a --print-logs parameter to display logs directly on standard output.

  2. Test the sandbox by using one of the two options:

    • Point the hostname associated with the Property Manager configuration to in your /etc/hosts file, then access the site from your browser http://<your-hostname>:9550.

    • Run this curl command:
      curl --header 'Host:'

  3. Validate whether your responses come from a sandbox.

    All Sandbox traffic is tagged with the response header X-Akamai-Sandbox: true. You can use e.g., the Developer Toolkit to validate the presence of the header, Network Monitor in any browser or similar tools that display HTTP headers.

Debug and report issues

You are all set, happy debugging! If you experience any issues with Sandbox, raise them as a github issue. Feel free to create a pull request with the fix or suggestion.