Guidelines for testing

This is what happens when you initiate a request from the browser in your development environment to a request hostname identified in your sandbox.

Sandbox request and response flow

  1. The Sandbox Client forwards the request from the browser on your development machine to the Sandbox Network.

  2. The Sandbox Network authenticates the request and applies the sandbox configuration. When the sandbox has to go forward to an origin it routes the forward requests back to the Sandbox Client and resolves to the development origins defined in your Sandbox Client configuration file.

  3. When your development origin responds to the request, the Sandbox Client routes the response back to your sandbox.

  4. Once the response from your development origin is processed by the sandbox, it is returned back to your browser via the Sandbox Client.


For security purposes, all HTTP requests that are sent to the Sandbox Client are upgraded to HTTPS within the Sandbox network. Therefore, CDN logic in your property configuration specific to HTTP is not applied.