Mutual TLS Edge Truststore imposes various limits on the number of requests you can make and resources you can deploy.

Rate limiting

The API includes the following response headers to indicate rate limits:

X-RateLimit-LimitIndicates how many total requests you are allowed to make in the current time window. You can’t make more requests than this value.
X-RateLimit-RemainingIndicates how many remaining requests you can make in the current time window.
X-RateLimit-ResetIndicates the time of resetting the number of your remaining requests to the full limit indicated by X-RareLimit-Limit.
X-RateLimit-NextIndicates the time when you can make the next request after exhausting the requests in the current time period. This header only appears in 429 error responses when you hit the rate limit threshold.

Resource limiting

Mutual TLS Edge Truststore API imposes limits on CA sets you can activate. The API does not expose the number of remaining CA sets.

You can create at a maximum:
· 200 CA sets per account
· 100 versions per CA set
· 300 certificates per CA set version.

The API returns a status code of 422 if these resource limits are exceeded.