A 429 response indicates that the rate limit has been met. See Rate and resource limiting for details on rate constraints.

When you exceed the rate limit threshold, the API responds with an error like this:

    "rateLimitReset": "2023-10-27T19:23:55Z",
    "instance": "/mtls-edge-truststore/error-types/rate-limit-exceeded?traceId=-8849688147311234963",
    "rateLimit": 2,
    "rateLimitNext": "2023-10-27T19:23:55Z",
    "detail": "Quota has been exhausted. You can submit the request after 280 seconds",
    "type": "/mtls-edge-truststore/error-types/rate-limit-exceeded",
    "title": "Rate Limit Exceeded",
    "rateLimitRemaining": 0,
    "status": 429

The objects’ various rateLimit* members provide the same data as the response headers.


You can receive a 429 error response due to some circumstances outside of your control. For example, a system level rate limit was exceeded which affects the cumulative account requests, even though you are still within the limits for your account. This is a temporary state.