This section defines the possible values for the enumerations that are in the Mutual TLS Edge Truststore API.

Version status

ACTIVEVersion is active on the network.
INACTIVEVersion is not active on the network.

Activation or Deactivation status

COMPLETEThe activation or deactivation is successfully completed.
IN_PROGRESSThe activation or deactivation is in progress. You can use the activationLink to poll for the request’s status.
FAILEDThe activation or deactivation request has failed.

CA set activity types

CREATE_CA_SETIndicates creation of a CA set.
DELETE_CA_SETIndicates deletion of a CA Set.
CREATE_CA_SET_VERSIONIndicates creation of a CA set version.
ACTIVATE_CA_SET_VERSIONIndicates activation of a CA set version on the network.
DEACTIVATE_CA_SET_VERSIONIndicates deactivation of a CA set version on the network.


STAGINGRepresents ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč staging network.
PRODUCTIONRepresents ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč production network.

Type of request for activation or deactivation

ACTIVATERequest is for activating a CA set version on the network.
DEACTIVATERequest is for deactivating a CA set version on the network.