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Create an EdgeKV-enabled EdgeWorkers function

Learn how to enhance your EdgeWorkers code with an EdgeKV key-value database.

Before you begin, we recommend that you review the Get Started section in the EdgeWorkers documentation. These instructions include a Hello World tutorial that illustrates an end-to-end EdgeWorkers example.


Before you start, ensure you have these prerequisites:


You can use the information generated by an EdgeWorkers HTTP sub-request to troubleshoot your EdgeKV database. When enabling enhanced debug headers for EdgeWorkers you need to include the akamai-x-ew-debug-subs header to return information about EdgeKV.

Below is a high-level overview of the steps required to create an EdgeKV-enabled EdgeWorkers function.





Create an EdgeWorkers function

EdgeKV is enabling technology for EdgeWorkers. You need to build an EdgeWorkers function using the Dynamic Compute resource tier to use an EdgeKV database.


Add data to your EdgeKV database

You need to initialize your EdgeKV database and populate it with data via an API or CLI call.


Create a code bundle

Create a code bundle that includes the EdgeKV helper library and your access token file.


Activate your EdgeWorkers function

Upload your EdgeKV-enabled EdgeWorkers function and activate and test it on the staging network.

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Create an EdgeKV-enabled EdgeWorkers function

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