You can use the administrative APIs to control EdgeKV database functions outside EdgeWorkers JavaScript code. The APIs enable you to perform day-to-day operations, including creating new namespaces, updating data, deleting data, and managing access tokens.


Management API invocations are rate limited. Review the Product limits before you start building your EdgeKV data model and using the Management API.

You will find API URLs are self-describing, referencing variables in the URI path for the API call being made. For example, when adding a new item (key-value pair) into a namespace, we include the namespace name and group name in the path itself, and the item as the target. As you can see in this example, the key is "en" and the value of that key is "Hello World." This item is being placed into a namespace named "default" and a group named “greetings.” You can populate a database entry with a single API call.

PUT /edgekv/v1/namespaces/default/groups/greetings/items/en "Hello World"

You can find examples of the EdgeKV API calls using HTTPie in the GitHub repo.