This section details the API's response object format and range of HTTP error responses.

This API returns detailed error responses, where each type URI specifies a unique error case.

    "additionalDetail": {
        "detail": "Namespace is not found: bad_namespace",
        "instance": "/service/v1/s/5192145/namespaces/bad_namespace",
        "requestId": "5d424b9289ab9b43",
        "status": 404,
        "title": "NOT_FOUND"
    "detail": "Unable to perform operation.",
    "instance": "2c82be29-f909-4d42-b775-de404e264fd9",
    "status": 404,
    "title": "Operation failed",
    "type": ""

For details on information contained in the error responses, refer to Error response syntax.