Troubleshoot issues

Error codes will help you troubleshoot problems when using EdgeKV.


You can use the information generated by an EdgeWorkers HTTP sub-request to troubleshoot your EdgeKV database. When enabling enhanced debug headers for EdgeWorkers you need to include the akamai-x-ew-debug-subs header to return information about EdgeKV.


Refer to the Limitations section for information about the constraints to keep in mind when building your EdgeKV data model.

Error Codes

When EdgeKV JavaScript methods throw an exception, please refer to these error codes.

These error codes detail information about product limitations, syntax issues, or server-side issues that occur. We recommend writing try/catch blocks in your code to cleanly handle exceptions. You can find examples of how to do this in the Debugging Errors section of the hello world readme file on GitHub.


An exception is not thrown when an item is not found in the EdgeKV database. In an eventually consistent system such as EdgeKV, the existence of an item in the database can be a temporary occurrence during the inconsistency period.

The following are error codes you may encounter when using EdgeKV:

400The request is malformed, the namespace does not exist, or the EdgeKV database is not initialized.
401The request access token is missing, invalid, expired, or revoked.
403The request access token is valid, but it does not contain authorization to access the specified namespace.

This error code is also returned if the request to EdgeKV was made from an EdgeWorkers function deployed outside the secure delivery network.
404The specified or requested Namespace was not found.
The requested Group was not found.
405The specified Method is not allowed for the resource.
413The size of the value being written exceeds the limit. Refer to the Limitations section and ensure size of the value is below the limit.
429The request limit for your account has been exceeded. Refer to the Limitations section and ensure your request rate is below the limit.
500The request failed due to an internal server error.
504The request failed due to an internal timeout condition.