Use cases can help you learn how to leverage EdgeKV to optimize content delivery.


To see live examples in action and to see the underlying code go to the Akamai Edge Compute demo site.

Review our Augment Image and Video Manager with edge compute use case to learn how to:

  • Deliver new Image and Video Manager functionality not currently available out-of-the-box.
  • Build logic using our edge compute solutions that help to make better decisions on compression for smaller images.
  • Improve user experience.

Review the Send a constructed response to a web page use case to learn how to:

  • construct a dynamic response at the edge
  • use the browser’s Accept-Language header in the client request to determine which content visitors should receive.

You can also find working code samples in the EdgeKV GitHub Repository to help you get started using EdgeKV.

The Hello World example demonstrates how you can use EdgeWorkers and EdgeKV to implement a simple Dynamic Content Assembly use case. The HTML response is dynamically constructed on the edge based on the content of the Accept-Language header found in the client request.