View reports

You can use existing Akamai reports to gain insight about the performance and status of your EdgeKV database. Full reporting capabilities will be available in a later product phase. In the interim, please use existing Akamai reports.


To view a report you need the CP Code assigned to your EdgeKV database when it was initialized. You can use the show status CLI command or the GET/initialize API endpoint to find your CP Code.

Reports are available based on the services you use and your permissions in ​Akamai Control Center​. All reports that fit these criteria are available in the Reports drop-down menu.

  1. Use the instructions in the Reporting help learn how to access Akamai Reporting.

  2. Select your EdgeKV CP Code in the Filter panel and click apply, or Filter your EdgeKV CP Code using cpEdgeDB.

    Review these reports to learn more about EdgeKV performance.

ReportEdgeKV information
Traffic reportView EdgeKV error statistics (except for 401 and 403 errors).
Today's Traffic reportView EdgeKV error statistics over the last 48 hours (except for 401 and 403 errors).
Traffic by Geography reportView EdgeKV error statistics displayed by country or area (except for 401 and 403 errors).