Optimize your property configuration

You should optimize the configuration of your property to get the best performance. Here we outline configurations that might apply to your workflow.


Disable Site Shield

SiteShield isn't compatible with Cloud Wrapper and you need to disable it.

Optimize an AMD property for Cloud Wrapper

View your property settings to view its behaviors. Optimize performance with Cloud Wrapper by defining specific information about your content using the Content Characteristics behavior.

Content Characteristics for an On Demand workflow

Use these settings to get better performance with Cloud Wrapper.

  • Catalog size. Set this to Large or Extra Large. Be aware that this setting doesn't apply to the "Live" delivery mode.
  • Popularity Distribution. Set this to Long Tail.
  • Origin Object Size. If your origin objects are over 10 MB you should set this to 10-100 MB or Greater than 100MB.

Learn more about the available Content Characteristics and Partial object caching. Partial object caching doesn't directly impact disk usage but it can increase offload at edge, thus creating less demand from Cloud Wrapper.


You may want partial object caching

We recommend that you verify the size of your delivery objects on your origin, and select the appropriate size to ensure that partial object caching is enabled or disabled, as necessary.