Key concepts and terms

If this is the first time you're configuring Cloud Wrapper, familiarize yourself with some terms used with the process.

Cloud Wrapper ConfigurationThis configuration encapsulates your chosen cache allocations for each location assigned to your property.
Footprint Analysis ConfigurationA footprint analysis configuration examines the cache footprint of your property and compares it against your cache-misses. Use this information to help determine your capacity requirements for your Cloud Wrapper configuration.
Footprint Analysis ReportUse the Footprint Analysis Report on the dashboard to visualize performance of your active Cloud Wrapper configuration.
Capacity InventoryCapacities are approved for a location on a per-contract basis. Use the Capacity Inventory tool to view approved and unassigned capacity for your contracts.
Origin TrafficHow much traffic is going to your origin.
Origin OffloadHow much traffic is being offloaded from your origin by using Cloud Wrapper.
Audit TrailUse the Audit Trail tool to track the creation and updates of your configurations.
Cloud Wrapper BehaviorThe Cloud Wrapper behavior exists in Property Manager. It lists all locations and traffic preference combinations configured in your Cloud Wrapper configuration.

This must be active for Cloud Wrapper to operate.