View the dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you see when you access Cloud Wrapper in ​Akamai Control Center​. It's comprised of several widgets that give you information on your configuration.

  1. Use the drop-down to select your configuration.

  2. Select a Date Range.

Now, you can use the widgets to view traffic and offload patterns, while monitoring overall cache usage.

The top-level widgets

These three widgets offer overall information for your configuration:

  • Origin Volume Improvement and Origin Hits Improvement. These two compare the Origin Volume and Origin Hits with and without Cloud Wrapper, for the properties configured with the selected footprint.

  • Average Fetches Per Object. This is the average number fetches per object to your origin server, for the selected footprint. We aim for approximately 1-1.5 for average fetches per object. (This is not a service level agreement.) If Average Fetches per Object increases, we will consider increasing your footprint. This is usually an indicator that your footprint's cache space isn't large enough to hold both your popular and your long-tail content.

The Current Cache Usage widget

Review the Total, In-Use, and Available Space for your configuration.

The Origin-related widgets

These two widgets offer the following information:

  • Offload (Volume). This shows the average percentage of bytes delivered from the Edge Servers as compared to the bytes delivered from your origin server for the filtered time range. This is calculated as: (Egress Bytes - Cloud Wrapper Bytes) / Egress Bytes \* 100.

  • Offload (Hits). This shows the average percentage of hits from the Edge Servers as compared to the hits from your origin server for the filtered time range. This is calculated as: (Egress Hits - Cloud Wrapper Hits) / Egress Hits \* 100.

The Footprint Analysis Report

Use the Footprint Analysis Report on the dashboard to visualize performance of your active configuration. You can adjust the footprint slider to see how modifying your current Cloud Wrapper space might benefit your workflow. Use this information to adjust your allocations, or contact your account representative to purchase additional space to meet your offload demands.


This Footprint Analysis widget shows your active configuration. This is different from the Footprint Analysis Report that's generated to size your pre-Cloud Wrapper instance.

About report accuracy

Your past traffic patterns are used to generate these estimates and aren’t an exact predictor of future performance. If you change your workflow or traffic during the polling period, the accuracy of the analysis report can be affected.


Content with a TTL less than 1 day may provide inconsistent reporting curves.