Web Application Protector/App & API Protector

Why do I need this?

Internet websites and applications face a multitude of security threats. Both amateur and professional hackers, as well as automated tools, pose severe risks to the integrity of data and availability of applications. ​Akamai​'s security solutions can help organizations defend themselves against these threats.

How does it work?

Your security configuration evaluates HTTP requests. It serves as a firewall that filters traffic to your website or API. At the simplest level, it lets you allow requests you want and block requests you don't want. It evaluates requests according to rules crafted and updated by ​Akamai​'s security team and the controls you set. If the request breaks a rule, your security configuration blocks it or performs another action you specify, like generating an alert notification or redirecting the request.

Gotchas and notes

Web Application Protector/App & API Protector is set to Warn mode while you are going through the setup process. You can change your settings to Deny in the Web Application Protector app after you've activated your settings here.

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