Edge certificates

Edge certificates contain a digital fingerprint that lets browsers and websites identify and authenticate each other. Edge certificates are just certificates we use specifically for our edge servers. They aren't any different from the certificates you might already be using on your own servers now. However, we want to distinguish the edge certificates so it's clear which certificate we're referring to at any given time.

Why do I need this?

Edge certificates let us send secure traffic to your end users. This certificate will authenticate the requesting browsers just like your current origin server certificates do. If you want to serve secure (HTTPs) traffic, you need at least a standard TLS cert.

Features and options

You can choose from these certificate types:

Security levelGood for
Standard TLS
  • HTTPS delivery

  • Most secure delivery

Note: Not PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP compliant

Enhanced TLS
  • HTTPs delivery

  • PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP compliant

  • Additional physical security and 24/7 video monitoring

Note: May be more expensive depending on your contract

HTTP-onlyDoes not support HTTPS delivery

Special requirements

Your account may limit how many certificates you can have. The default limit is 100. Contact your account representative if you would like to change this limit.

Gotchas and notes

The process of adding a hostname to a certificate is determined by a number of factors, including the types and number of certificates in your contract with Akamai, whether or not there are existing certificates available, and what types of certificates are available. For more information, see Use an existing certificate or create a new one.