Web Application Protector and App &API Protector

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are often difficult to deploy and manage, especially for teams with limited security staff. The Web Application Protector and the App &API Protector products can help. Setup and management of settings is simple. Akamai's security research team continuously improves the protections available in the product and deploys them for you.

Before you begin

You or someone with access to your DNS will need to add or update your DNS record at points throughout this process. Updating your DNS record lets us validate your domain when setting up edge certificates.


About your DNS TTL setting

Consider setting your DNS TTL (time to live) for your existing hostname to 5 minutes (300 seconds) for now. It lets you Go live faster at the end of the process.

Next steps

Depending on your current configuration and the products in your contract, when you onboard Web Application Protector or App &API Protector you can do so with or without a base delivery product, like Ion or Dynamic Site Protector.