What is a Property?

A property is a configuration file that tells our edge servers how to handle and respond to incoming requests from your end users. Properties are created and maintained in Property Manager.

Why do I need this?

A property is one of three resources required to serve your content on the ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč network. You're creating several resources as you move through the getting started activities, and after you complete your initial setup, you'll fine-tune your delivery settings in Property Manager. At that point you'll be editing a property.

How does it work?

Properties are built using if/then logic. When a request comes in from an end user, our servers find the appropriate property (if you have more than one) based on the hostname the user entered into their browser, and then serve your content based on the settings in that property. For example, if a request comes in for an image on your site and your property's settings say not to cache that image, our server will ask your origin for an updated image and then pass it to the end user.

How does this work with other products?

Many products have their own interfaces, but still tie in to Property Manager in some way. How the product works with Property Manager depends on the product, but most specialized products, like Image Manager or Web Application Protector, require a base delivery product like Ion or Dynamic Site Accelerator to work.