The SureRoute you see in Step 2: Delivery settings is SureRoute for Performance. Our servers test multiple routes between themselves and your origin server to find the best path to ensure your content can reach our servers.

Why do I need this?

SureRoute helps find the optimal routes between our servers and yours to ensure we can get your content in the event the normal pathways aren't available because of a bottleneck or similar issue. Our servers will still be able to fetch your content because SureRoute will have identified additional viable routes.

You won't use SureRoute for Performance for cacheable content. The fastest route for cacheable content is from our edge server directly to your end user. This feature only applies to traffic between our edge servers and your origin.

How does it work?

SureRoute uses a test object placed on your origin to determine the best routes. It requests this test object from three different routes. SureRoute determines the routes based on our edge servers' locations in relation to both your origin and to each other.


Increased traffic

SureRoute may slightly increase traffic to your origin.

You can use your own test object or download ours. If you choose to use your test object, make sure it's:

  • Small
  • .txt or .html
  • Static. Do not use a dynamically generated file as a test object.