Update your firewall with the latest IP addresses

To maintain optimal performance, Site Shield maps are updated periodically. Check the map status page for an update, get a new list of IP addresses, and update your firewall.

Keeping the map up to date ensures that map capacity is sized appropriately and improves the security of your origin.


If you use SureRoute, you'll also get a new SureRoute map when you accept the new Site Shield map. Both map names remain the same.

  1. Go to > WEB & DATA CENTER SECURITY > Security Configurations > Site Shield.

    In the Notification status column of each map with a new set of addresses, you can see the Update firewall message.

  2. Click the name of the map you want to edit.

  3. On the map status page, the three columns in Address changes section show the differences between the old and new lists:

    • Added. Add these addresses to your firewall’s allow list.
    • Removed. Remove these addresses from your firewall’s allow list.
    • Unchanged. Keep these addresses in your firewall’s allow list.
      The Complete List box shows all IP addresses for the new map.
  4. In the Update firewall whitelist box, click one of the links:

    • Copy addresses below to copy the addresses to the clipboard.
    • Export them as CSV to get a CSV file with the complete list.
  5. Optional: Click Current addresses to display the current IP address list for the map.

  6. Go to your firewall and edit the settings to allow the addresses to access your origin server.

  7. Return to the map status page and type YES in the field provided. Click Yes, I updated my firewall.
    The Success! message appears and the map is updated.


Roll back addresses

If needed, you can reverse the changes by clicking the arrow next to Roll back addresses, typing YES in the text field provided, and clicking Roll back addresses. This feature is available for seven days from the moment you acknowledge an address update.

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