Enable Site Shield Stable CIDRs

  1. Go to ☰ > WEB & DATA CENTER SECURITY > Security Configurations > Site Shield.
  2. Click the name of your map.
  3. Click Enable Stable CIDRs.
  4. In the Upgrade to Site Shield Stable CIDRs prompt, click Continue.
    A status message informing you that the upgrade is pending and that you will get an email when it’s ready appears.
  5. Work with your firewall team to add a new ACL at all customer origin(s) and ensure that you leave the existing Site Shield ACL in place for at least a week.
  6. After the ACL changes are implemented for all the origin firewalls, go to the Update Firewall Allowlist tab, and in the field, enter YES
  7. Click Yes, I updated my firewall.
    A success status message appears.


A week after you perform this procedure, your firewall team can remove the older ACL, as traffic should be flowing through the new CIDR list.