Run a test

After you create a test profile, you can schedule tests or run them on demand (manually) at any time.

  1. Go to > WEB & DATA CENTER SECURITY > Security Configurations > Site Shield.

  2. Click the name of your map.

  3. Next to the Current addresses or Proposed addresses header, click the context menu , and click CIDR Testing.
    On the Site Shield origin ACL Test page, you can see the Test profiles table.

  4. Click the context menu of the test profile you want to run and click Run now.

  5. You can test the CIDRs defined in the profile or change the selection to:

    • Current – to test the connection with the Site Shield servers currently in the map.
    • Proposed – to check if the connection with the proposed Site Shield servers will be working fine after you acknowledge a proposed map.
    • Current and Proposed – to get the results for both scenarios.
  6. Click Continue.

When the test starts, the Status column says Running. When the test is complete, the status changes to Idle, and you get a notification to the email address you added to the test profile. To see the test results, refresh the page.