View requests

The Requests panel displays the list of security events, which are typically triggered by HTTP requests, according to the filters you enter. Each line represents a single event. You can adjust the columns to show, as well as sort by columns.

Select columns to display

  1. Click the Columns tab next to the scroll bar on the far right side of the Samples view.
  2. Select the columns you would like to keep, and leave the rest unchecked.

Edit columns

  1. Hover over the name of the column you want, and click the three horizontal lines icon.
  2. In the mini dropdown menu that displays, you are free to play around with the options: move each column across the panel, resize, autosize, or pin it to the leftmost or rightmost position.

Search for specific requests

You can use the search box located to the right of the Requests panel to narrow down the results to the search term you provide.
Note: The search finds values present in both the visible and hidden columns.