Edge DNS reports

Edge DNS Traffic report

This report shows hit counts and rates of DNS requests made for Edge DNS Traffic.


  • Zone name. The name of the zone.


  • Response per second. Number of NXDOMAIN requests per second.

  • Hits per second. Hits per second.

  • Requests per second. DNS requests per second.

  • Total hits. Total DNS requests.

  • Peak hits. Maximum (peak) DNS requests per second.

  • Total NXDOMAIN responses. Total NXDOMAIN responses.

  • Peak NXDOMAIN response per second. Maximum (peak) NXDOMAIN responses per second.

Edge DNS Service Availability report

The Service Availability report shows the uptime of the top-level names ervers for your contract.


  • Contracts. Each contract is assigned a set of top-level name servers. Availability is calculated by looking at the uptime of the name servers for your contract.

Availability by time updates every ten minutes. When viewing the report over longer timeframes, availability can summarize across wider intervals (for example, every hour). The Service Summary includes Average, Max, and Min Availability for the set timeframe.

  • Availability percentage

  • Average availability percentage

  • Contract ID

  • Maximum availability percentage

  • Minimum availability percentage

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