Prepare your environment

Before you can set up your Object Delivery property to deliver content there are some things you need to do.

Prepare your edge certificate

This certificate protects the first stage of the request flowthe request from an end user (client) that's received by ​Akamai​ edge servers. In some cases, you may need to create this certificate before you create your property.

This process isn't unique to Object Delivery. Have a look at the Property Manager user docs for full details.

Prepare your origin server

An origin server is a physical location that houses your deliverable content. This accounts for the second stage of the request flowthe request from edge servers to your origin to get your deliverable content. Before you can add your origin server to your request flow, you need to set some things up for your origin, collect key information about your origin, and decide how you want ​​Akamai​ to interact with it.

This process isn't exclusive to Object Delivery, either. Full details on the setup of your origin can be found in the Property Manager docs, too.