Content Provider Code & Object Delivery

Here, you need to set up a unique ​Akamai​ content provider (CP) code that's used to track reporting and billing data for streaming media delivered through this Object Delivery property.

Pick a CP code

You should have been given at least one CP code when you provisioned Object Delivery with your ​Akamai​ account team. Just click the Content Provider Code field and select it.

You can also select an existing CP code to add traffic and reporting data from this property to it. Before you do this, consider the following points:

  • Both billing and reporting for content delivered through a property are tracked through a CP code. If you select an existing CP code that's already delivering Object Delivery traffic, reporting and billing information for this property will be merged with that one. For better granularity in your tracking, we recommend that you set up a new CP code for a new Object Delivery property.

  • Log Delivery Service and CP codes. You can optionally add the Log Request Details behavior to your Object Delivery property to support ​Akamai​'s Log Delivery Service application. If you're already using this service with another property, you can't select a CP code that's actively collecting log information for another property that's already on the production network. However, you can select a CP code that's being used for LDS on a property that's still on the staging network.

To help separate your data we recommend that you create and apply a new CP code.

Create a new CP code

If you'd like, you can create a new CP code for use:

  1. Click Create new... The Create a new CP Code window opens.


Your contract is limited to a specific number of CP codes for use. If you don't have access to a new one, an error message is displayed. Reach out to your account team for help in getting access to more.

  1. Enter a friendly name for the CP code. It defaults to what you've named your Object Delivery property. With a name set, click Create.

The new CP code is added to the Content Provider Code field, along with a unique numeric value. This value is used to:

  • Review traffic report data via the Reporting tool in ​Akamai Control Center​you can filter report output using this specific CP code.

  • Optionally add Log Delivery Service support, via the Log Request Details behavior.