View Download Delivery reports

You can monitor and identify key trends of your Download Delivery (Download Delivery) traffic.

Use the user interface

​Akamai​ offers easy-to-use interfaces in ​Akamai​ Control Center.

  1. Go to > MEDIA > Media delivery reports.

  2. From the drop-down at the top left, select Download Delivery > Realtime or Download Delivery > Historical to view tabbed reports.

You can customize these reports as needed.

  • Realtime > Realtime tab. The Realtime report displays various data for Download Delivery at a latency of under 15 minutes. Each data point on the widget has a resolution time of five minutes.

  • Historical > Traffic tab. Traffic reports provide information on the number of hits, the bandwidth at which the media was available, and information on volume and hits per Content Provider (CP) code.

  • Historical > Performance tab. Performance reports provide insights into the rate at which data is delivered and the volume and percentage of download requests.

  • [Historical > Availability tab] Availability reports provide details on responses at the Edge, origin, and by CP code, country, and autonomous system number (ASN).

  • Historical > URLs tab. The URLs report provides details on the number of requests for a stream at the ​Akamai​ edge, midgress, and origin. Data is gathered on a daily basis.

  • Historical > Unique Viewers tab. This report gives you information on the number of unique viewers accessing your media. This information is available by operating system (OS), geographic region (geo), device, and by CP code.

  • URLs Legacy. The URLs Legacy report lets you review historical data on a per-URL basis for one or more CP codes, over a range of time you specify. The period of time defaults to the current day.

  • Proxy Protection. These reports show how ​Akamai​'s Enhanced Proxy Detection (EPD) service has applied proxy detection and location spoofing protection when delivering your Download Delivery content. (This is only available if you added this service to your contract.)

Use the API

​Akamai​ offers the Media Delivery Reports API that you can call to generate customized reports to meet your specific need.