Edit edge hostnames to use Media Delivery Type

Existing edge hostnames can be edited to modify Media delivery type settings, but caveats apply.

You may need to edit your edge hostname for multiple reasons:

  • You want to add Media delivery type Mapping Solution to an existing property configuration that doesn't currently have it.
  • You want to change the current Media delivery type setting for an edge hostname.

How to edit an edge hostname

While you can edit various edge hostname settings via Property Manager or Edge Hostname Editor, you can't modify anything related to edge map usage. Changing map usage may have a significant impact on performance for existing configurations.

In special circumstances, your Media delivery type settings can be modified with assistance from ​Akamai​. Contact your account representative for details.


Do you have multiple property configurations set up to use the same edge hostname? If so, review each configuration to ensure that editing the edge hostname won't negatively impact it.