Operation purposes

If you use Bot Manager Premier or Account Protector, you come to the API Definitions app to register the transactional endpoint, like the login or checkout page, you want to protect. To do so—even if that page isn't technically an API—you define an API (to share the page's path and other details) and create an operation (formerly called resource purpose). These operations can serve the following purposes:

LOGINAllows the user to log on to their account – either a bank account, an eCommerce one, etc.
ACCOUNT_VERIFICATIONVerifies if an account exists. For example, you can use it on a page meant for logging in to or creating an account. When the user enters their email address in a form, if there is an account tied to that address, they are asked for their password and then logged in. If there is no account tied to their address, they are redirected to the account creation process.
ACCOUNT_CREATIONAllows the user to open a new account.
PASSWORD_RESETAllows the user to get a new password when they don’t know the previous one. For example, the user enters their email address in a form, then proves their identity by clicking a link they got in an email, and chooses a new password. Note that you can define the username and Origin Response Success/Origin Response Failure parameters for this operation.
GIFTCARD_BALANCE_CHECKAllows the user to enter identifying information, such as a card number and PIN, to view their gift card balance.
LOYALTY_POINTSAllows the user to enter identifying information and view the amount of loyalty points they have for the retailer.
SEARCHAllows the user to enter a word into the search bar to look for a specific product or service on a company website.
ADD_TO_CARTAllows the user to add an item to their cart.

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