Make a form request to register an endpoint from an API definition file

This section shows you how to create an endpoint from an API definition file
by submitting a multipart/form-data request (see RFC 2388 for details).
If instead you'd like to submit an application/json request to create an endpoint, see Make a JSON request to register an endpoint from an API definition file.

  1. If you don't already have the obligatory contractId and groupId members, run the List contracts and groups operation.

  2. Select the appropriate pairing of contract and group under which you want to provision the new endpoint. Store the contractId and groupId values.

  3. Prepare an API definition file and set the importFileFormat to raml or swagger.

  4. Assign the filename as the importFile.

  5. Optionally embed the API definition within a ZIP archive, in which case reset the definition filename as root and the name of the archive as importFile.

  6. Optionally make the definition or archive file available on the web at an importUrl.

  7. Prepare a multipart/form-data request specifying the fields listed in [Parameters] (ref:post-endpoints-file). Specify either an importFile or importUrl, and make sure to specify the root if you're uploading a ZIP archive.

  8. Make a form data POST request to /api-definitions/v2/endpoints/files.

The response Endpoint object reflects the newly created endpoint based on your API definition file. You can access the newly created endpoint at the URL specified in the Location response