This document distinguishes between three versioning concepts that you should consider independent of each other.

  1. This most recent API v2 supersedes API Endpoints API v1. Akamai supports v1 indefinitely, but the migration to this new version provides numerous benefits. It introduces internal version management for APIs configured with Akamai features, and it allows you to use the new API Gateway delivery settings.

  2. This API allows you to register different major versions of your own APIs that you make available to your API consumers. These are versions in the REST API versioning sense, based on your APIs' life cycle. By using this API, you can specify the version location and the expected version value in an incoming request. Based on these details, edge servers route the incoming request to the API URLs (hostname + base path) that you associated with the API version indicated in the request.

  3. Finally, this API's version-related operations allow you to internally maintain different minor versions of your registered API configurations, which lets you easily tweak the API Gateway features and tailor your API traffic as needed.