With this API, you can throttle your API traffic to limit the number of requests allowed per second. This prevents API consumers from dominating your API infrastructure’s back end capacity, ensuring that all API consumers can interact with your API. Before you set up API throttling, make sure you understand the possible error margin associated with throttling requests. For details, see API throttling error margin.

Create throttling counter alert through Open API

The alert notifies you when 80% of the throttling limit value is reached. It is required for the Warn behavior, and optional for Deny, which you set in the Create a throttling counter operation.


Before you begin, see the documentation for Alerts. It provides you with the necessary background information on how to effectively create alerts.

To create a throttling counter alert, follow the steps below:

  1. Optionally, get familiar with the alert template. Run the Get a template operation in Alerts API and fetch the template with the identifier: s@206.
  2. Run the Create a new alert operation including the following data:
  • origin: STATIC
  • templateId: s@206
  • name: Provide your name for a new alert.
  • definitionId: Leave this property empty. It must be present, even if it is an empty string. It cannot be missing or contain a null value.
  • email: Provide an email address to receive the detailed alert information.
  • emailBrief: Provide an email address to receive the abbreviated alert details.
  • throttlingCounter: Provide an array of strings containing counter IDs for which the alert should be triggered. Run the List throttling counters operation to get this value.
  • paramName: notapp
  • Visibility: all
  • group: Provide an array of strings containing group IDs where the related throttling counters were created. Run the List contracts and groups operation in Endpoint Definition API to get these values.

See the example of the request body:

  "origin": "STATIC",
  "fields": {
    "templateId": "s@206",
    "name": "Throttling counter alert",
    "definitionId": "",
    "email": [
    "emailBrief": [
    "throttlingCounter": [
    "paramName": "notapp",
    "visibility": "all",
    "group": [