This table aggregates membership for all versions of the TrustChains object.

Versioned schema members

Any object member specific to a range of versions is indicated in its description, at what version the member was either introduced or removed. Any listed data member with no version number is common to all versions of the object.

Trust‚ÄčChains: Supported trust chain options.
trust‚ÄčChainsTrust-chains.‚Äčtrust‚ÄčChains[]required: Supported trust chain options.
Trust‚Äč‚ÄčChains[]: Supported trust chain options.
descriptionStringrequired: Trust chain description.
keyStringrequired: The key value for the trust chain
nameStringrequired: Descriptive name for the trust chain
successorString, NullThe trust chain that will be used once this trust chain is no longer supported. Included when known.

Sample v1 object

    "trustChains": [
            "description": "Leaf <\u2013 R3 <\u2013 ISRG Root X1 <\u2013 DST Root CA X3",
            "key": "dst-root-ca-x3",
            "name": "R3 + ISRG Root X1 (signed by DST Root CA X3)",
            "successor": null
            "description": "Leaf <\u2013 R3/R4 <\u2013 ISRG Root X1 (self signed)",
            "key": "isrg-root-x1",
            "name": "R3 (signed by ISRG Root X1)",
            "successor": null