This table aggregates membership for all versions of the DeploymentSchedule object.

Versioned schema members

Any object member specific to a range of versions is indicated in its description, at what version the member was either introduced or removed. Any listed data member with no version number is common to all versions of the object.

Deployment‚ÄčSchedule: If you want CPS to automatically deploy your certificate, but you do not want the deployment to occur before a certain date and time, you can set a deploy after date. You can only set a deploy after date and time for the renewal of a certificate or for a certificate that is active on the network. The certificate may not deploy the certificate at the exact time and date you specify, but it will not deploy it before that time and date.
not‚ÄčAfterString, NullThe time after when the change will no longer be in effect. This value is an ISO-8601 timestamp.
not‚ÄčBeforeString, NullThe time that you want the change to take effect. If you do not set this, the change occurs immediately, although most changes take some time to take effect even when they are immediately effective. This value is an ISO-8601 timestamp.

Sample v1 object

This version includes geographical locations and security options for the network where you deploy certificates. It uses this MIME type:

    "notBefore": "2017-05-19T16:00:00Z",
    "notAfter": null