A status represents a specific phase in certificate processing and is returned by the Get change status operation. Below is a list of the possible statuses that can be returned and their descriptions. These values should be considered to be sample output as they are subject to change. Because of this, hardcoding these values can be detrimental for users' implementations.

abandon-slots-actionAbandoning deployment identifier.
check-for-certChecking with your certificate authority for your signed certificate.
check-for-cert-errorChecking with your certificate authority for your signed certificate. The order is currently in an error state.
completeAll of your requested changes are complete.
coordinate-domain-validationCoordinating domain name validation.
create-slot-filesAssembling deployment information.
delete-csrDeleting the certificate signing request (CSR).
deploy-changes-to-stagingDeploying network changes to the staging network.
deploy-cert-to-productionDeploying your certificate to the production network.
deploy-cert-to-stagingDeploying your certificate to the staging network.
deprovision-certDeprovisioning your certificate.
forward-create-slot-filesAssembling deployment information.
forward-live-check-actionValidating deployment information.
generate-csrGenerating a certificate signing request (CSR).
live-check-actionValidating deployment information.
mark-cert-activeMarking the deployed certificate as active.
mark-cert-inactiveMarking the certificate as inactive.
mark-enrollment-inactiveMarking the enrollment as inactive.
mark-staged-cert-inactiveMarking the staged certificate as inactive.
mcis-jobs-creationCreating related certificate requests for enrollment.
migrate-symantec-single-to-sanMigrating symantec single certificate to SAN certificate.
migrate-third-party-single-stack-to-dual-stackAdding second CSR with key algo ECDSA to the third party certificate renewal.
no-staging-actionNo staging deployments.
not-an-actionThis is not an action
not-yet-startedThe system is waiting to begin processing your request.
perform-post-acknowledgePerforming post acknowledgement operations for your certificate.
pre-verification-safety-checksChecking if your enrollment has any pre-verification safety check issues.
queue-cert-renewalQueuing renewal of the certificate.
queue-cert-renewal-processQueuing the renewal process for the certificate.
queue-re-stage-certRe staging the original certificate that was replaced by roll forward.
queue-vertify-cert-requestQueuing verification of the certificate request.
record-certificate-deploymentRecording certificate deployment activity.
request-additional-slot-actionAssigning deployment identifier.
request-slot-actionAssigning deployment identifier.
request-slot-action-for-early-allocationAssigning deployment identifier.
sbd-rate-limit-cps-systemRate limiting CPS system in SbD mode.
sbd-rate-limit-new-certificateRate limiting LE in SbD mode.
set-change-managementSet change management.
staging-scenario-case-selectorStaging scenario case selector.
store-certStoring your signed certificate.
submit-csr-to-caSubmitting your certificate signing request (CSR) to your certificate authority.
submit-update-to-certSubmitting a request to your certificate authority to update your certificate.
validate-certValidating the certificate information before deploying your certificate to the network.
verify-ca-cert-requestVerifying the certificate request with your certificate authority.
verify-certVerifying the certificate.
verify-cert-requestVerifying your certificate request.
verify-domains-inactiveVerifying that the domains on the certificate are no longer active on the network.
verify-emailVerifying the email address of your technical contact with your certificate authority.
verify-san-removalVerifying that the SANs you want to remove are no longer active on the network.
verify-third-party-certVerifying your third party certificate.
verify-third-party-cert-requestVerifying your third party certificate request.
verify-your-certVerifying your certificate.
wait-ack-change-managementWaiting for you to acknowledge change management.
wait-deploy-to-prodWaiting for the changes to deploy across the production network.
wait-deploy-to-stagingWaiting for the changes to deploy to the staging network.
wait-deploy-timeWaiting for the scheduled deployment time.
wait-mcis-jobs-joinAwaiting completion of related certificate requests for enrollment.
wait-review-cert-warningWaiting for you to review the warnings for your certificate.
wait-review-pre-verification-safety-checksWaiting for you to review the safety check warnings.
wait-review-third-party-certWaiting for you to review the warnings for your third party certificate.
wait-update-contactWaiting for you to update your contact information.
wait-upload-third-partyWaiting for you to upload and submit your third party certificate and trust chain.