All CPS API endpoints limit throughput to a certain number of requests in a given time period. These limits are set per account regardless of the number of users or API credentials from that account accessing the CPS API. The API returns a status code of 429 if these rate limits are exceeded.
The limits are:

  • Maximum limit of 100 requests per every 2 minutes, per account.
  • Short-term rate limit of 20 requests per 2 seconds, per account.


The rate limit for the List active certificates operation is 10 requests per minute per account.


Rate limit change

Rate limits may change without prior notice to protect and ensure platform stability.

The following is an example of the response:

HTTP 429 Too many requests
Retry-After-: <>

Title: HTTP 429 - Too many requests
Detail: You have exhausted your API Request Quota using Account: <>
Type: Too many Requests